White Mountain Epsom Salt, 1 lb


You can use White Mountain Epsom Salt for a number of health symptoms and conditions. Use White Mountain Epsom Salt for sprains to soothe aches and stings and as a saline laxative to relieve occasional constipation. It can even be used as a nutrient to stimulate growth in your plants. The trusted natural remedy you can use every season of the year. Beat winter and fall blues with an epsom salt bath. Simply dissolve two cups in a warm bath to provide soothing relief from arthritic pain; reduce stiffness and soreness in joints; warm and comfort your muscle aches. First aid spring and summer salts. Dissolve two cups in two cups of hot water to make a compress, apply as a wet dressing with towel to soothe painful bruises and sprains; alleviate pain from sports and overexertion; take the sting out of insect bites; draw out splinters. As a laxative, epsom salt increases water in the intestine thereby promoting bowel movement.

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