WaterWipes Baby Wipes Soapberry


WaterWipes Sensitive Hand, Face and Baby Textured Wipes contains 99.9% water and a drop of fruit & soapberry extract. The textured surface and soapberry extract give caregivers a little extra cleansing power to tackle life’s messes. From feeding them solids, to art projects, playtime and more, these wipes feature a newly textured finish for an easier clean-up of those unwanted messes on your little one’s hands, faces and even bottoms. They are the perfect wipes for growing babies and bigger messes. WaterWipes Hand, Face, and Baby Textured Wipes combine the purity of water with the natural herbal cleansing power of soapberry. They gently clean sticky hands and faces and are also ideal for diaper changes. Soapberry is a cherry-like fruit whose outer pulp is a rich source of a gentle natural cleanser called saponin. This cleanser, known for its skin conditioning properties, has been used by the people across Europe and Asia for centuries. The addition of this gentle ingredient along with the textured wipe make these WaterWipes perfect for hands, faces and bottoms of growing babies.

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