Gentle Naturals Baby Cradle Cap Treatment, 4 oz


You can make it even easier to help remove cradle cap with Gentle Naturals Baby Cradle Cap Treatment. Its unique brush and lotion combination kit has everything you need to help make a child’s head soft and smooth. This specially formulated gentle treatment for baby helps gently exfoliate and brush away crusty flakes while moisturizing and soothing their scalp. Its light and non-greasy formula is made with natural ingredients, including calendula and vitamins D and E. This 4 oz baby cradle cap treatment will help remove crusty flakes and moisturize a newborn’s scalp. It is dermatologist tested, so you can feel confident about it being safe to use for your little one. Help speed up their healing and recovery from irritating cradle cap with this treatment. Be careful not to scrub too hard since an infant’s head is much softer than an adult’s. Be cautious of a young one’s reaction and place only as much pressure as needed to help treat the irritation.Trust the professionals at this company because they have been working on baby accessories for many years. Use this Gentle Naturals Baby Cradle Cap Treatment to help cure a newborn of the discomfort and irritation of cradle cap.

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