15 Newborn Must-Have’s

1. Diaper Bag:

StorksakTote-bagA diaper bag is a must-have, to keep all you’ll need for your baby while you are away from home. Functionality, durability, cost or affordability are a few of the things to consider when shopping for a diaper bag . When considering functionality, you would need to answer a few questions. Will your baby attend a daycare center? Would you need to run everyday errands with your baby? What about when you are visiting with friends, family or have to attend special events with your baby?

2. Breast Pump:

Evenflo-Advanced-Deluxe-Double-Electric-Breast-Pump2Breast feeding is a WIN-WIN for you and your baby. Breast milk is the best and most natural food for your baby. Not only does it provide all the essential nutrients in the early stages of your baby’s life, it also gives you and your baby the opportunity to bond. Additionally, it is proven that breastfeeding could help you regain your pre-pregnancy body weight and help lower your chances of developing certain types of cancers later on in life.

If you can and do decide to breastfeed, it is highly recommended that you invest in a very good breast pump. First, breast pump can help you to establish your milk supply so you have enough for your baby, especially if your baby is a big eater. Second, breast pump can help you build a good milk reserve for storage for your baby while you are away from your baby. If you thought of how much you could save from not having to feed your baby formula, you would see the need for a very good and durable breast pump.

3. Bath Tub:

FISHERPRICE-TUB-BLUEA good baby bath tub that can fit your bathroom or kitchen sink is a must have. You won’t regret getting this -even grandma would say thank you!

4. Nursing Bra:

H&M MATERNITYHow else would you survive without good and comfy nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed your baby? Duh!

5. Baby Sleep Area:

Badger BasketCrib or Cot, Bassinet, Co-sleeper, Pack N’ Play in bassinet mode, Moses basket,…..

While a few parents still do it and get away with it, it is highly recommended that you do not sleep on the same bed with your newborn. This is to prevent Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome (SIDS). If you must, wait until your baby gets older or get a co-sleeper that you can use on your bed. When choosing a sleeping area for your baby, it would be wise to choose something comfortable. Remember, if your baby can’t sleep, neither can you.

6. Car Seat and Stroller:

GRACO TRAVEL SYSTE,Three things should come to mind when choosing car seats and strollers: Safety, Comfort and Durability. We need not say more about these. Go figure!

7. Hats and Blankets

Baby Blanket and hatHats and Blankets are daily essentials your newborn must have. Newborns may experience Cold Stress when they lose body heat as a result of exposed heads or not being properly clothed. Newborns that experience cold stress would try to regenerate the lost heat by using excessive amounts of energy and oxygen. This situation can adversely affect a newborns system by limiting the amount of energy and oxygen needed for growth and staying healthy….so until your baby’s internal thermostat is fully developed, keep your newborn snugly swaddled or wrapped in a cozy blanket or swaddler and use hats to cover his head. Wrapping up your baby would also help keep your baby from being disturbed by his own startle reflex.

8. Mittens: 

mittensTo help keep baby from self-scratching!

9. Pacifiers:

pacifiers Most newborns like to self soothe, a habit they developed while still in the womb. Some drop it early on after birth while some take longer. Some parents are against pacifiers because they worry that their child might become too dependent on it. But wouldn’t you rather have your baby use a pacifier than suck on his or  her thumb? If your baby is one that likes to self-soothe, you can gradually help break the habit right from when your baby is 2 or 3 months. We are not setting rules here, pacifiers or no pacifiers, choose whatever works best for you and your baby. If you decide to go for a pacifier, make sure to get one made from safe materials such as BPA free pacifiers.

10. Comfy Clothes:

baby layettesLayette: Onesis, sleeping gowns, side tie undershirts….

 You need not waste money on lots of fancy newborn clothes, most likely, you would need just 2 or 3, including your baby’s christening outfit.  Your baby will spend most of  the first weeks of his or her life at home anyway. You’ll be better off getting a few soft and comfy layettes for your baby.

11. Diapers, Wipes and Rash Cream:

diapers, wipesWhether you choose disposable or reusable diapers or even both, it is best you have at least a month supply of these ready before your baby arrives, even if that supply  includes gifts from friends and family- just make sure they are ready before the “big day”, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

12. Bibs and Burp Cloths

bibs and burp clothFor spit ups!

13. Nasal Aspirator:

Nasal Aspirator2You don’t want to wait to know if your newborn will get a stuffy nose or not. And you definitely do not want to use your mouth to “suck it out” . We know you love your baby-very much, and that you are a wonderful mom, but “sucking it out” can get you sick or your baby sicker.  Germs are germs, whether germs from newborns or from a loving mom. That is what nasal aspirators are for!

14. Baby Carrier:

baby carrierBaby carriers are very helpful while doing chores at home or while out with your baby. There are many types of baby carries to choose from, depending on your needs and budget. Front, side, and back baby carriers are a few of the types you’ll find. You may consider a multi-function carrier such as the very durable Ergobaby baby carrier or opt for a baby sling such as the Moby wrap, Baby K’Tan, or Hava Baby Sling.

15. Nipple Cream:

breast creamTrust me, your nipple will really hurt so bad that you might want to give up when you first start breastfeeding. A good nipple cream will make it a lot easier for you, and help you overcome the early breastfeeding discomfort. Nipple creams help lubricate dry, cracked nipples, and help heal sore nipples. You might not realize that your nipples are dry and cracked now, just wait until your day-old baby tries to suckle at them-oh, what pain would shoot through your brain and spine, lol!

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